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For 60 years, homeowners and business owners throughout Monterey have counted on O’Connor Pest Control for all their termite and pest control needs. Our family owned operation understands the termite and ant control needs of residential and commercial property owners in Monterey as well as the termite issues that affect our local industrial and agricultural businesses. Our professional Camarillo‚Äôs exterminator will inspect the location and give estimate on about termite control.

We bring solutions and peace of mind to our clients with our same day pest control service in Monterey, CA. All of the products we use are eco-friendly, because we believe comfort and safety should not come at a cost to the earth. Whatever your pest or termite needs are, O’Connor Pest Control Monterey is committed to eliminating your pest or termite issue. No hassle and no environmental harm.

O’Connor Pest Control Monterey has detailed knowledge regarding termite control. We have certified and skilled exterminators in Monterey, CA with new techniques and product available for the elimination of pest from your domestic and commercial property in Monterey, California.

What Clients Say

"Before we moved into our first home, we contacted O'Connor Pest Control to get an inspection report and we're so glad we called them. They did discover an existing termite problem, they took care of it swiftly and now we've been living in our house for 3 years without any termite sightings."

Sam Renning

"I have used O'Connor Pest Control and I've recommended them to my friends. These guys really understand how to take care of pest and termite issues for good."

David Ballicks

"We have been using O'Connor Pest Control for yearly check ups for my business and they always bring us peace of mind that we're working in a safe, healthy environment. Thank you guys for your continued service."

Rick Marain


We offer eco-friendly products to take care of your pest control needs for residential property owners in Monterey, CA. We ensure to exterminate your home of ants, spiders, earwigs, beetles and other bugs within one visit.


Every business can be affected by pest issues. Lucky for you, we’ve got solutions to stop and prevent your future pest problems. Check out our commercial pest control services.


Are you noticing termite droppings or swelling of wood in your home? Do you want a fast solution to exterminate
your termite issue?
See all of our pest control services.


When you’re buying or selling a home, it’s important to make sure the home is up to property standards. Sometimes, a termite issue can go unnoticed for years, so it’s best for an exterminator to come out and inspect the home for any possible sightings of termites.


Fumigation is the fastest solution to getting rid of a termite issue. We use eco-smart products to fumigate your home, to eliminate your pest issues and to keep your home/office free of toxic chemicals. We can fumigate residential or commercial properties.


We value your business and we want to show you how much we appreciate you by extending $100 off your next service. This is for returning customers only.
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